Discover The fascinating stories about the women who dared

The workshop weaves together stories of amazing Serbian women who dared to be different, who dared to dream and fight for what they wanted, who knew how to say no, and believed in justice and equality.

If we try to think of only one word to describe Serbian history, it would definitely be - Fight. Fight for ourselves and our beliefs. That's exactly what all of our women did.

Some of them fought to survive, some fought to save the family, some of them fought for education and new ideas...

Here are just some of the things we’ll go over:

  • How the best diplomat in Serbia was a woman, left alone to rule after the tragic death of her husband.
  • How one Serbian woman talked about the importance of education and work before Klara Cetkin.
  • How some of the most important buildings in Belgrade are the work of a woman.
  • The Serbian Sapho – she got her nickname because of lyrical songs and open eroticism… and she was also the first Serbian world-traveler.
  • Female warriors that had to “trick” their way into the army…
  • The woman that went through a real torture after becoming the first woman to receive a doctorate at the University of Belgrade in 1922…
  • How Mileva, Einstein’s wife, might’ve been the biggest rip-off story in the last century…
Also, we’d love for you to hear your stories about the women who inspired you the most!
And remember that stories about ordinary women, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, neighbours are equally important.

The details about the workshop:
  • The workshop will be held this Sunday, 19th of March, at 06:00pm CET.
  • We prepared a lot of new vocabulary and grammar training material that will help you level up your Serbian knowledge (+ PDF version of the practice material)
  • Short quiz at the end of the workshop – the winner receives a free lesson at our school.
  • The maximum number of people is 10.
  • The workshop is open to all, no matter what language level of Serbian you are. We will have an English translation, so everyone can follow, but we'll definitely try to get you all speak at least a bit in Serbian.
We all meet on Zoom. Prepare your coffee, bring wine or beer, the atmosphere is quite informal and relaxed.

The price is: 20 EUR.

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Date: 19th of March 2023 06:00 PM CET
Price: 20 EUR
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