Serbian for Children

Time flies when you're having lesson with us

If you are Serbian living abroad and want to make sure that your child knows and understands Serbian language, culture and all that you loved as a child
If you are a foreigner about to move to Serbia with kids and you want to make the whole moving experience easier and happier:

This course is what you need!
Really, who can dislike the country of Tesla, Pupin and Đoković 😊

Our teaching methodology

Our lesson materials are unique and tailored for each student individually, so they always follow your children’s interests. 

We want to know hobbies of your children, their favourite cartoon, favourite superhero, because we trully believe that any language is easier to learn if you connect it to the things you enjoy doing.

Our schedule is flexible and adjusted to you – you can always decide how long you want the lesson to last. If your child is not concentrated that day – no problem, we’ll make 15 minutes lesson as fulfilling and joyfull as any other. We put quality ahead of quantity, because that’s what really matters. 

By combining  traditional and modern teaching techniques we will show your kids the beauty of the Serbian language and reveal the magical world of fairytales, that waits for them behind the forests, mountains, rivers, seas… (iza šuma, iza gora, iza reka, iza mora) 


We make sure that your child is never bored - we teach through songs and games

Let your kids explore the best of your country and awake your childhood memories with us! 

Let us show them how beautiful the world is (ala je lep ovaj svet!) from Serbia to Afrika!

Miroslav Mika Antić – Plava zvezda

Minja Subota – Išli smo u Afriku

What we offer

  • We organize courses for all levels – fully adapted to children of various ages.
  • We teach about Serbian culture: read old and modern fairytales, listen to music, prepare delicious recipes and, of course, play games. 
  • We have fun and make sure that your child loves lessons and can’t wait for next lesson to start.
  • We always animate children with visual and sound matherial as it is proven that children remember best if they are fully immeresed in learning.

Individual Course

  • personalized lessons
  • timetable that fits into your child schedule
  • different length of lessons
  • specialized additional materials
  • immersion in Serbian culture

Group Course

  • learning in small groups (2 – 5 kids)
  • focus on speaking skills
  • group games
  • dynamic lessons
  • weekend lessons

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