Serbian for ADULTS

Time flies when you're having lesson with us

You must have heard about this common Serbian saying:
Pričaj srpski da te ceo svet razume!
Speak Serbian so the whole world can understand you! 😊

Interesting facts about Serbian language

  • Serbian language has one of the easiest alphabets in the world! 
  • George Bernard Shaw, a famous Irish writer, was so impressed by Serbian alphabet that he even left a sum of money in his will to an Englishman who manages to reform and simplify the English alphabet to be modeled after Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (following the rule “one letter, one voice”). No one has won the award yet! 
  • Serbian is the only European language with active digraphia. This means that it uses two writing systems – both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.
  • This is actually a sentence in Serbian and the best example of how complex our accent system is:

Gore gore gore gore. (The forests up there burn worse)

  • Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe learned Serbian! He was fascinated with Serbian epic poems! 

After learning Serbian...

You will be able to understand Balašević’s songs! 

You will never again pay a taxi in Belgrade more than you should!

You will also know Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian.
You will be able to understand Macedonian and Slovenian.
You will think that you are able to speak Russian language as well. 😊

What we offer

  • We organize courses for all levels: A1-C2.
  • We teach about Serbian culture, not just language and grammar.
  • We teach how to use language in everyday situations.
  • We keep things casual and we have a lot of fun during the lessons – you will remember easier and understand better any kind of language rule if you hear interesting side story or a joke along with it
  • We use new technologies in language learning and make learning fast, efficient and exciting.

Individual Course

  • personalized lessons
  • timetable that fits into your schedule
  • different length of lessons
  • focus on speaking skills
  • specialized additional materials
  • immersion in Serbian culture

Group Course

  • learning in small groups (2 – 5 people)
  • focus on speaking skills
  • dynamic lessons
  • weekend lessons

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